Retouching going too far

In the first photo,Britney Murphy's skin is touched up and she is given a glowing look. Eva Longoria is slimmed done around her arms and legs,she has a glow to her skin in the retouched photo. Her hair is also a couple of shades lighter.

Advertising in those days were not about exploiting women and using them for sex symbols, today image is everything. Unfortunately it destroys self confidence in people and makes them insecure about the bodies they have at the moment.

Bette Page

In the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s showed women advertising for various products for magazines and products. During these times women in these advertisements had close up shots or from the breast onward up. These ads were classy and chic. These ads also showed women’s natural beauty or beauty in general, some showed women with books, others in cars with fancy hats, women baking pies and cooking food, to name a few.


Just exactly how much junk in the trunk is the right amount?

With Beyonce’s booty pads its not really fair that she is known for her Voluptuous body.

Celebrities are trying to be sex symbols, yet masking their imperfections (based on the media’s outlook)

D&G Commercial

This new Dolce & Gabbana commercial for watches is very misleading. That advertisement was for D & G Watches but to me it seemed like a mini soft porno clip. What will young boys and girls understand when they see this commercial? Will they think it’s sexy to have watches? Will they think in order to have sex they must buy these D&G watches? Will these young teenagers interpret this advertisement correctly?

Dove's Evolution

With Photoshop and tons of make up on her face, does this woman look the same in the final shot on the Billboard? Her lips are edited; the neck is made longer, they arch and retouch her eyebrows. What do you think, too drastic or no.